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PUCN WATCHDOGS is an UPDATED VERSION of PUC WATCHDOGS, an advocacy group whose core purposes are to provide education and FULL DISCLOSURE on PUC Commissioners and other PUC employees. The public has a right to see and know about who is making determinations that have a direct impact upon them.

Do NOT Fluorine Uranium Carbon Potassium with WatchDogs!

The First Amendment will be utilized, enacted and upheld! Opinions are just that opinions!

Humor is ALWAYS required when dealing with those who are under the misguided impression that they are "Above" everyone else.

If they don't like disclosure and transparency, then they can get out of public office, you work for US. WE are YOUR employer, do your job or we will take you to task.

We have RIGHTS and will NOT have them SUBVERTED by any stretch of the imagination.

Established in 2017.

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 Updated: June 16, 2017

Opinions expressed on this website are fully protected by the First Amendment.


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Since the public has had to ENDURE the ad nauseum bloviating rhetoric of Joey, about the NEW NEVADA, thusly, we have created this new site in 'celebration' of the New PUCN!







PUC Commissioners when being given public input regarding dockets or real world suggestions!!

BARBIE: The cabana boys need more towels...please return to Stanford and provide such! The ratepayers don't want you here!



In the spirit of openness & transparency:


If you don't like my language, better learn that 'colorful' language is ASSOCIATED WITH INTEGRITY and INCREASED HONESTY! Along with more impetus to fucking curse: "...individuals with higher levels of verbal intelligence, that is intelligence associated with oral language, tended to use more swear words." So fucking deal with it!







June 23, 2017:

June 15, 2017: 1 pm   In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....She's LIVE again. This time with PUKE's other FAVORITE ratepayer, Fred Voltz!

AmericaMatters.US  The GOOD GOVERNMENT SHOW! Or on your AM dial 1180 in Reno.

Podcast will be posted shortly thereafter.


As promised earlier in the year, here are all the contacts for PUKE's employees, that they took off of their website. ADDITIONALLY, as of June 9th, their ACTUAL job titles and what they are being paid under! Since they LOVE to play musical chairs with jobs, I have taken their October 2016 and February 28, 2017 phone lists, to show who is going where, during their 'public service' career at PUKE!

June 14, 2017: Today at the Utility Agenda Meeting, the EVER COMPETENT Summer Camp Barbie produced her JUSTIFICATION for the STEALTH Mill Tax. Of course when Barbie's INADEQUACIES are pointed out...Papa Joey TRIED to come to her defense!  OY!

Since you have an Admin Attorney with an BS in Chem...let him explain the graphic to you! And explain the difference between these 2 equations! 

If you want the result of 2Na  +  Cl2  --->  2NaCl  +  822kJ,  to be DECREASING, stop providing the kJ that drives this!

Said dismissive attitudes causes this from ratepayers to PUKE…

  H2(g)  +  Cl2(g)  --->  2 HCl(g)  + 185 kJ

 2Na  +  Cl2  --->  2NaCl  +  822kJ (I even balanced this equation to make it easier for you to find the common denominator)

So WHAT do these 4 equations have in common (which even a high school student can answer) that your attitude towards ratepayers, causes this to happen to you:

  N2(g)  +  O2(g)  + 181kJ ---> 2 NO(g)

  PCl5  +  92.9kJ  --->  PCl3  +  Cl2   (Nah, you can balance it, to figure out the common denominator LOL)

  6 CO2  +  6 H2O  +  2519kJ   --->  C6H12O6  +  6 O2  (I even balanced this equation to make it easier for you to find the common denominator) LOL

If we take equal amounts of Ba(OH)2 and NH4SCN, put them into separate beakers, then put another beaker on a wet board, mix these two solids into the beaker on the wet board…what happens?  And why does this relate to PUKE?

This is what PUKE really needs to do:  NH4Cl + H2

So when you figure out these very elementary equations, their common denominators will explain everything, capise? Come on…it’s so easy…remember you people FEIGN to KNOW everything, along with your Non-Scientist Joey,  RIGHT?????????


June 6, 2017: To the trolls and trollettes, I hope you were able to hear the radio show today. Don't fret, I have downloaded it, so that you listen at your convenience. I wouldn't want you to miss the public disclosure about you!

Now, the pertinent question is...will she be back on the air again? YIKES! What else could she possibly say? Guess time will tell!

May 31, 2017: Will upload the postings on JUNE 6th! Right AFTER the RADIO SHOW, so that the fucking pieces of shit @ PUKE such as Joey et al, will have to wait...aka Sword of Damocles!

So that their antics will be reaching a VERY BROAD segment of RENO & CARTOON CITY...their friends/neighbors? Who knows!



SB 150 Subsection 6 of Section 10:6. The Commission may approve an energy efficiency plan submitted pursuant to NRS 704.741 that consists of energy efficiency and conservation programs that are not cost effective if the Commission determines that the energy efficiency plan as a whole is cost effective.

May 25, 2017: So, we have a MASSIVE agenda scheduled for Wednesday the 31st. So will the Rino Ass…aka Boobinor BriBri appoint another commissioner/acting commissioner to replace Thomsen or let them fend for themselves for this meeting?

As the remaining two can hold a meeting, but if there is a split vote, then it will be re-calendared. But knowing the arrogance of ‘Damn the cost and screw the health of the ratepayers’ Joey, he probably thinks Ann will vote with him.

As he cancelled the one from last week over Paul’s resignation.

May 19, 2017: HOLY SHIT! Joey is being mentioned in the Adam Laxalt issue! Yeah, just proving he is a fucking shill to BriBri!

Hmm.  And unidentified “independent counsel,” huh?  The plot thickens.

Then came the bombshell…

During the Democrats’ show trial inquisition, Burnett further revealed that the unidentified “independent counsel” was Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval’s general counsel, Joe Reynolds!

Hmm.  A smoking gun?

Indeed, you gotta wonder why Burnett didn’t mention who this previously unidentified “independent counsel” was in his sworn deposition.  What a strange – and convenient – omission.

“Did you know the governor’s counsel was the one who recommended the tape be turned over to the FBI,” Laxalt was asked at one point during the inquisition.

“First I’ve heard of that,” Laxalt responded.


As this sh*t-storm swirled around Carson City over the last several weeks, Sandoval never bothered to tell Laxalt that his own guy knew about the recording from the get-go and was the one who recommended Burnett send it to the feds?

Or was it Sandoval himself who ordered the “code red” by Reynolds?





May 18, 2017: WOW! There are rumors galore coming out of Cartoon City over this. Majority have to do with the ‘stealth’ initiative to get rid of Paul, since Rino BriBri Sandoval couldn’t remove him for cause. So just make it so he wanted to leave on his own accord. Given the OBVIOUS antics of Shill Reynolds over docket assignments, that seems to lend creditability to that. Egomaniac Reynolds gives himself the higher profile dockets, even though he knows jack shit about them. Another over-paid fucking shill doing on-the-job-training at ratepayers expense! They are trying to keep it quiet…HA!

Here’s the resignation letter from Paul.

Ann is either going to request not to be re-appointed or BriBri is going to ‘thank’ her and appoint another shill! But she isn’t going to have another term most likely!

May 17, 2017: WELL, WELL! Seems like Paulie had enough and gave brown-nosing asskissing Joey what he wanted…his resignation!

So what new piece of shit asskisser is RINO BriBri going to appoint to fill this vacancy? Umm, Angie from his energy office, Jason...? Where is the acting commissioner? That hasn’t been filled since the other one resigned over conflict of interest. Even Ray Charles can see that the Commissioners are under the following impression!!!!!

Guess this is why they cancelled their utility agenda meeting and why only 1 is scheduled for this month. Did Paulie give a 2 weeks notice and that was the cause for the cancellation?

PAULIE IS NOW THE Executive Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs of Ormat Technology, his former employer.

May 11, 2017: It seems that the pompous assholes in the General Counsel’s Office want to HIDE what is going on and who is being hired…too bad assholes we KNOW! So apparently, there is a CONFIRMED NEWLY HIRED Admin Attorney named Dallas Harris. If it is the one who we think it is, apparently the PUC is starting to ‘colorize’ their staff…now TWO out of OVER 90! Showtime will be at an agenda meeting…

May 9, 2017: To the State of NV employees, who are sitting on their fat asses checking out this site, rather than it PRETTY CERTAIN YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION DOESN'T INCLUDE are the reason Nevadan's think STATE EMPLOYEES are a bunch of teat-sucking leeches, who don't do the job they were hired for and expect everyone to support your over-inflated, non-earned salaries! 

Next up...a public log showing every fucking time you log onto this site and from what computer...

May 5, 2017: So today comments were due on the investigatory docket regarding FORCING NV ratepayers to pay for people to SUBSIDIZE people to by light bulbs!

NCARE (Nevadans for Clean Affordable Reliable Energy) filed their comments. WHAT A FUCKING RESPONSE! They ONLY contacted ONE of the MAJOR LED manufacturers CREE! So there are MANY unanswered questions regarding this bullshit:


2. What were their SALES PRIOR to the cutoff date regarding DECREASED SALES?

3. Where is the COMPARE & CONTRAST for other MAJOR companies lost sales?

4. Did their retail stores INCREASE their purchases from any of the other manufacturers?

5. Did the stores find that CREE bulbs were not SELLING as well as the other vendors they bought from? Therefore they DECREASED purchasing from CREE, predicated on this!

6. Did other vendors give a BETTER deal whereby the stores could increase their profits?

7. Where is the PROOF that the ELIMINATION of the SUBSIDY was the DIRECT & PROXIMATE result of their decreased sales?

8. What proof is there that the public is NOT desirous of these bulbs and were PURCHASING incandescent bulbs to be assured they had enough to avoid these LED bulbs?

Another piece of propaganda to shove this shit ass program upon the public.


May 2, 2017: So we have Joey who sits on his ass, proclaiming on April 21st, that he was going to issue a procedural here we are almost TWO weeks later and NADA!

Email to his boy toy...oops, General Counsel Garret, as usual NO RESPONSE!

So the interested parties who are SUPPOSE to file on May 5th, and there is jack shit on the calendar about time deadline...such attention to detail! Joey Baby must be spending time with Barbie and absorbing her 'attention to detail'...

April 21, 2017:  Today at the PUC workshop regarding light bulbs, Joey must be suffering from SEVERE TESTICULAR TORSION, as their LV building no longer has the LEED Certification on the building, this was pulled by the owner. As they are NOT going to renew the certification. So AGAIN the ratepayers are paying for something that was never ROOTED IN TRUTH! 


So when it was time for a MEDICAL ORGANIZATION to PRESENT SCIENCE the pompous ass decided to HIDE the health risks.

Reynolds CLAIMS he knows SCIENCE! This ass proved that he knows JACK SHIT, as he wouldn't know his olecranon process from his external anal sphincter, because he wouldn't even allow the CONSTRUCTION of the fucking light-bulbs he wants us to SHELL out, to be addressed.

If this ass thinks he knows SCIENCE- he better get up to speed and learn the fucking science about INFRARED and FUCKING BLUE LIGHT! LEARN WHAT THE FUCK ROS is.

Joey the TYRANT who THINKS he is going to CONTROL the TRUTH and allow the shills who work under him to FUCKING HARM the PUBLIC in CAHOOTS WITH NVE-WELCOME TO WWIII!

Joey FUCKING thinks this WILL NOT turn into another s'meter issue, he better extract his head from his ass, his OFFICE  is NOT the only way to do it...



April 19, 2017: Um, update on Joey Baby’s quest for an AA. There is someone listed as an AA in PUKE’s Office up in Cartoon City by the name of Cameron Dyer. Lets analyze this aka due diligence:

  1. The job ad states: ADMISSION TO THE NV BAR-DESIRABLE- does this new AA  have this? No, nothing under either Cameron or Dyer.

(a)  Joey doesn’t care if they are admitted to the bar;

(b)  They are fresh out of law school and MAY have taken the bar in February and waiting for the results to be published on May 17th at 3 pm;

(c)  They have been admitted to the bar in another state and may/may not take the NV Bar.

So only time will tell. If either b or c is applicable, will PUKE take off or have an office party on the May 26th to celebrate their bar admission? If so, guess they aren’t that over-worked, that they can take time to throw a party for this.

HYPOTHETICALLY- if the new AA fits ‘c’, could they have had a prior association with Paulie at Ormat? Should know in about a week.

April 17, 2017: Enough with the ‘I’ll teach you by not releasing FOIA requests until later’! Fine, I have OTHER WAYS to let the ratepayers know about your shenanigans!

You want to SHOVE LED down our throats? You want to FORCE us to pay for light bulbs for others, UNDER THE GUISE OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY? Well, you BETTER make sure you are setting AN EXAMPLE!

You THINK that your JD makes you a WALKING WIKIPEDIA? That you KNOW EVERYTHING and the public doesn’t? That YOUR DUE DILIGENCE is second to none when it comes to ANYTHING to do with energy!

You THINK that there is NOTHING that could be a surprise…after all, look at all of your TOP SHELF employees…

WELL! Too bad with that mindset, your ego gets in the way and your pitfalls come to light.






Email to Angie Dykema today, the Director of NV's Dept. Of Energy:

Good morning Ms Dykema,

With all the increased activity regarding renewables, energy efficiency, etc., one would expect, that the Governor's Executive Office that oversees these issues, the PUC, would be 'leading by example'.

The problem is, the LV Office of the PUC, even though it has a LEED certification, there is not a single point allocated towards 'energy'. Out of a possible 14 points, their building has a score of zero in this category. As a side note, this building has an overall 40% towards their certification.

The ratepayers of this state are paying thousand of dollars for this 9-year lease and we aren't getting what we 'expect' it to be, aka energy efficient and healthy.

There were two press releases issued today regarding this and their ongoing water issue in one of the meeting rooms.

Maybe when a state agency leases a building that says its LEED Certified, they should pull the actual report to verify if they received points in this area? Just a suggestion/due diligence on whoever is signing off on a lease of this nature.

NV PUC-Pushes Energy Efficiency, While Their Building Has Zero Energy Credits On LEED's Score Card

NV PUC's Office Building Reported to LEED for Ongoing Indoor Air Quality, Mold and Health Issues

March 29, 2017: Interesting day regarding PUKE. Cheryl Wisecup put them on notice regarding the severe health effects from s’meters and the TOXICITY of mold from their LV Office.

Mrs. Wisecup’s comments were read into the record. She also notified them of additional back-up on this issue, to be forthcoming and appended to today’s meeting notes.

PUKE was also put on notice, that the SO CALLED MOLD REMEDIATION done years ago, was a SHAM! Because if the problem was REALLY HANDLED, the SAME area of their ceiling would NOT have generated water damage on the ceiling tiles. They were given two weeks to have it addressed or the US Green Building organization would receive a complaint, that this ‘certified’ building needs review and inspection.

As the building in question, is a Bronze level LEED Certification, the lowest rating possible.

PUKE’S LV office building manager Susan was also notified, who is SUPPOSE to have a “Stephanie’ respond to the call, is this another Stephanie or BARBIE? We shall SEE!

Who ever says they wish they can see Karma exact justice, just have to be patient, it DOES HAPPEN!

PUKE hacked a non-profit website on March 22nd and March 27th, and today KARMA STRUCK!

PUKE’S website has been screwed up since early morning. As of about 5:40pm today, its still problematic. They even placed a notification regarding this issue.

Karma said to PUKE: Ass Meet Cactus!

March 26, 2017: WOW! Just found out, when Papa Joe was at the Legislature on Wednesday, for a FEW MINUTES he was SANS his bodyguards/entourage. When someone said HELLO Chairman...Papa Joe ran away. What he thinks he DESERVES RESPECT? When someone gives him a CORDIAL hello, the BIG SHIT, scattered/ran, like a cockroach when the lights are turned on!

Yeah, I highly doubt Aretha Franklin will be singing your praises LOL

March 25, 2017: Ah, isn't it TOO BAD, that Garrett, is under the MISGUIDED IMPRESSION that NO ONE visits this site. In the last TWO WEEKS...seems its getting worldwide attention! Look at it this way...all the egomaniacs at PUKE, now, are finally getting name recognition, along with their PUBLIC JOB PERFORMANCE evaluations! If PUKE BEHAVES, I might give you the IP# and company names, so you can USE YOUR ACCRUED MILES and go visit your new fans/admirers?

-Gaya, Bihar, India: Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd

-Adelaide, South Australia, Australia: Telstra Internet

-Brussels, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium: Scarlet

-Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, Zhejiang: Taobao Network Co.,ltd

-China: China Telecom Guangdong

-Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom: Virgin Media

-Newcastle Upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom: SkyBroadband

-Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Vishal Shah

-Dundee, Dundee City, United Kingdom: Sky Broadband

-Taiwan: Hinet

-Browns Plains, Queensland, Australia: Vodafone Australia

-Sheffield, United Kingdom: Sheffield Hallam University

-Aurora, Ontario, Canada: Rogers Cable

-Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, United Kingdom: Virgin Media

-Thailand: Ais Mobile

-Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Teksavvy Solutions

-British Columbia, Canada: Bell Mobility

-Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom: Kingston Communications

-Slough, United Kingdom: Telefonica O2 Uk

-Letchworth, Hertford, United Kingdom: Virgin Media

-Montréal, Quebec, Canada: Ovh Hosting

-Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands: Digital Ocean

-London, United Kingdom: Linode

-Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Shaw Communications

-Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Iseek Communications Pty

-Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: Mts

-Zurich, Switzerland: Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology Zurich

-Germany: Server Block

-Paris, Ile-de-France, France: Aruba Cloud

-Porto, Portugal: Pt Comunicacoes

Apparently, Canada and England like you??????

March 24, 2017: So, why didn't the EVER CONCERNED PUKE customer resolution people RESPOND to an email from a ratepayer? Not a FUCKING PEEP and we are paying these people...for WHAT?! Too bad your ADDY was on the email, proving you AREN'T doing your job! Would it fucking have killed you to respond and tell the ratepayer to file a formal complaint? Oh, fuck no! That would PROVE that they pay attention, just like HYPER-OBSERVANT Barbie...more government waste!

Time to drain the PUKE SWAMP!

March 24, 2017: Ok, here we GO AGAIN, with MORE PROOF, that PUKE EMPLOYEES, ESPECIALLY THE INCOMPETENT SUMMER CAMP BARBIE, doesn't pay attention to detail, they fuck things up, and make it SO EASY, to find their lack of professionalism and give the public more fodder to go after her lazy, incompetent ass!

BARBIE if you kept your ass planted in your chair, rather than throwing on the infamous black jacket, to shadow Papa Joe to the legislature, you MIGHT have seen this NEON MISTAKE!

As your own website shows that YOU SCHEDULE the agenda meeting to try and wiggle your UNQUALIFIED ass out of this one?

You have done FORTY-ONE much repetition do you need to do something as simple as this 'scheduling' which is part of your job description?

Did you PASS it on to some clerk, WITHOUT reviewing it?

They sent out on March 24th, their Agenda Meeting Notice. With all these HYPER-VIGILANT we can't afford to replace employees, EMPLOYEES CLAIMING THAT BARBIE IS QUALIFIED, her mistakes, were SCREAMING 'LOOK AT ME'!

At the top section they claim that the meeting will be held at: 5501 JERRY TARKANIAN WAY #250, Hearing Room A, in Las Vegas. Under the PUBLIC NOTICE SECTION, they CLAIM the agenda was posted at the OFFICE OF PUKE at 9075 W. DIABLO DRIVE, #250, Las Vegas.

Their AFFIDAVIT OF POSTING shows that the notice was posted at 5501 JERRY TARKANIAN WAY, #250, Las Vegas.


March 23, 2017: Ok, lets look at the ATTENTION TO DETAIL OF BARBIE! Seems that the UNDER-QUALIFIED, ILLEGALLY working as the ED of PUKE, once again proves she is a complete joke in her position!

On March 3rd, there was a job posting for an Admin Attorney in the Cartoon City Office, basically the bat-boy/girl for Papa Joe. The posting CLEARLY cited that the ad would be open until March 17th. Now, its WAY past the 17th and guess what! The ad is still up on their site. Notice its the SAME AD with the 17th cut off date!

Yeah, Barbie, very DETAILED ORIENTED and you are HEAD OF HR! HA! RESIGN!

Too lazy to make the minimum change to the ad? Or too busy playing 'PUKE socialite'?

Maybe if you kept your incompetent ass in your office, instead of shadowing Blathering Joey to the Legislature, you MIGHT be more cognizant to detail?!?!?!?!?

March 22, 2017:

CELEBRITY SIGHTINGS! Today at the Assembly Natural Resources Meeting we had Antonymic Joey with his entourage or are they his body guards? Summer Camp Barbie and one of the OVER WORKED members of the GC’s Office, Hellie! Joey Boy had to make his OH SO IMPORTANT comment on  AB109- that he fully supports it. YOUR OPINION is as important, as how many times a bear shits in the woods!

So does Fraidy Cat Joey have people go into the restroom with him, so that they can ‘support’ his defecation or does he feel ‘safe’ to go it alone?

The over-inflated view of his self-importance/knowledge is obvious, whereby Joey assigns himself the ‘more visible’ dockets and assigns the lower bullshit ones to Annie and Paulie.

Too bad Joey’s ego gets in the way of reality, whereby, he would be more of a benefit to PUKE by actually ASKING others who HAVE KNOWLEDGE, rather than proving to anyone who reads, watches or listens to his pathetic diatribes, where he tries to sound like he knows his external anal sphincter from his olecranon process!

March 20, 2017: Care to see how PUKE is fucking the ratepayers even more? Ok, we get hit with the Mill Assessment for their financial viability.

In 2016 Garret Weir, now General Counsel made $137,490.57.

In 2016 Paul Thomsen, Commissioner made $134,051.40

As you can see, they are being OVER PAID, but lets add INSULT TO INJURY!

Included in the Mill Assessment, we are paying for PUKE’s rent, utilities etc. Yes, we are paying for their utilities, so lets discuss the additional sucking off of the public teat by Weir and Thomsen.

Upon information and belief, they both live in Reno, so they have a fairly healthy drive to the Cartoon City office, along with other employees who have to make this commute also.

Since Weir and Thomsen drive electric cars, they PLUG IN AT WORK, FORCING the ratepayers to compensate them EVEN FURTHER, for said recharging. So they are getting an over inflated salary and now we supplement this with power to recharge their vehicles. Why should we pay for them to recharge their vehicles? If they WERE ETHICAL they would request a reduction or pay back the power used to charge their vehicles.

So we pay for their damn charging, we pay for their fucking air travel and they get to keep the miles…to use as they wish! GOVERNMENT ABUSE!

They want RESPECT and this is what they are doing to discredit ANY respect for them.

Pay for your own fucking vehicle charging! Use the fucking miles towards future WORK travel.


What next, will they want a powder puff and warm air to dry their asses in the bathrooms?

And these are the characters who either vote or advise the Communists, err, Commissioners…so much for SAVING RATEPAYERS MONEY!

PUKE doesn’t give the ratepayers any considerations, all they are, is the epitome of self-serving, self-centered, parasites, that increase rates, to sustain themselves…

March 15, 2017: Ah, beware the Ides of March…ok, a few days late on one, but, wanted this info to come out today…

On March 9th, a FOIA Request was made for an UPDATED phone directory, our little ‘oh, I have to get Garret’s permission’ girl aka Hellie, sends this response. Apparently, she, like THE REST OF THEM, wants to act like PUKE is the STEALTH state agency, and ONGOING MOVEMENT of personnel is NOT TO BE MADE PUBLIC! WRONG! You and Garrett WORK FOR US! Your ASSES ARE PAID BY OUR MILL ASSESSMENT! CAPISE? We AREN’T going to give you ANY LATITUDE!

Now, today, our GC Garrett Baby, was again at the legislature, this time, he wasn’t part of the Papa Joe and Barbie entourage. He put on his big boy pants and came alone, WOW, IMPRESSIVE, did he pop some anti-anxiety med, to go forth solo?

There seems to be an open docket, according to Garrett Baby, on Battery Storage, and in order to appear COMPLIANT, when in reality he is a brown noser , as he FEIGNED that he wanted LEGISLATIVE GUIDANCE from this committee. No, you lying BASTARD! You BIASED BASTARDS, already MADE up your MINDS regarding this docket...but, you want to make it APPEAR that you are asking for guidance! STOP THE FUCKING, PISS POOR ACTING! YOU AREN'T GEORGE CLOONEY!

Settelmeyer noted that there was a ZERO $ fiscal note/impact, and Garrett responded that they COULD DO THIS with existing staff, but if it gets more involved, then they will need more resources-aka I want more employees, this is the only way I can bullshit our way to getting an increase in our budget, that the lackluster Barbie isn't qualified to do. But Barbie is too stupid to try and CON the Legislature, so they send in Garrett...what, all of a sudden he has acquired 'street cred' ....he better take a introductory course in acting/theatre, as his performance was horrible, you could see he isn't trained to bullshit/con at this level! Psst...that comes with REAL LIFE, not cloistered 'work' experience! And Joey Baby doesn't want to have anything negative showing up on his faux persona, so, he stays away from CONTROVERSY, that might come back and big him on his ass!  CHOMP!!!!

Who the fuck does Garrett think he is bullshitting? He FUCKING HIRED, WITHOUT having it IN THE BUDGET, another ASS. GC, and now this OVERT, but he THINKS VEILED, warning of increasing their personnel down the road.


Now, today’s ‘appearance’ by ONLY GARRETT, is IMPORTANT! You see, Joey the PR WHORE 4 BriBri, only comes and BLABS when he isn’t challenged to answer questions. Today GARRETT was put on the spot, so, Garrett, took the heat for the ‘team’, so that, 'I don’t’ know shit Joey', still looks like he belongs in the Chair position.

These assholes, better get some REAL WORLD knowledge, as their ANTICS are so obvious, they can be drawn/seen by Stevie Wonder!

This all makes SENSE, when on MONDAY we got a email CANCELING the ‘INFORMATION SESSION’ on Tuesday/yesterday, for the Energy Storage Docket, and to be RESCHEDULED for  NEXT WEEK!

How fucking COINCIDENTAL…Tuesday PUKE cancelled the meeting on battery storage and Wednesday there was a Legislative meeting on a Battery Storage Bill…oh, yeah, NO PROBLEM…just a FLUKE! 

Do you assholes, REALLY think that you can try to pull this shit off, and no one will catch it?

We have TWO days until Jolting Joey's deadline for his AA! So lets see if there are any takers.

I think maybe they should put under qualifications: be able to fucking lie/bullshit, but, AVOID getting caught. Act like your shit don't stink and cover your Communist err, Commissioner's ass. You do the research/work, and they take the credit.  

I'd like to tell PUKE to go fuck themselves, but, they might enjoy, with the same zeal/zest, "Go get Vaccinated"!

March 10, 2017: So AGAIN, the three most over-paid PUKE employees, skipped out of work, today. So, apparently, its getting to be a weekly THANGGGGGGG, that Antonymic Joey, Summer Camp Barbie, and Paper Bombed Garrett, get to sit their asses down at YET, another energy meeting for about 1.5 Joey glossophobic/agorphobic, that he needs his ass kissing, yess'ing underlings, by his side?

What, do they actually think that these 'sessions/meetings', regarding energy, that shit for brains Barbie-is actually going to learn something? Shouldn't she be placed in front of a monitor and hit the replay button, to understand what's going on? Sooner or later Barbie is going to get cornered and asked about energy or utility regulation...hope that there is a video going, to watch that fucking comedy of errors and proof of her un-qualifications, even after all this time... lol

When they made their exit, did they go home...since its Friday? Most KNOW how draining it is, sitting on their EXPANDING tri-glutes, for extended periods of time.

So much for their BULLSHIT of BEING OVER WORKED!

Joey acknowledging people he knows and realizes there are people who know he is skipping work!

Then the apparent, self-proclaimed, PUKE orator, aka Antonymic Joey, spoke his NON-SUPPORTING, NON-RENDERING OPINION, of how he/they support the bill/BOOBENOR BriBri! So much FOR...not lobbying or GIVING an opinion...ONLY EDUCATING! 'wink wink'


March 8, 2017: So why did Joey Baby and Paulie Baby fly into Vegas? There isn't anything so major to FUCKING WASTE OUR MONEY ON! IF these 2 PUTZ's think, having to be holding each other's hand to vote on a damn 704B item, is worthy of flying down, you are fucking crazy! We don't give a flying fuck that its 'dear' to you...grow a fucking pair and stop acting like a kid who just got a 'new toy'.

So we have the 3 Commissioners in ONE PLACE...Just HOW MANY PRIVATE MEETINGS are they going to hold VIOLATING the OML and each one LYING/SWEARING that they didn't!

Guess Joey wanted to hang out with his Vegas relatives/friends and uses this as an excuse to get a FREE PLANE TICKET!

Its a fucking pre-hearing meeting DOES NOT need a PERSONAL visit....its a PRE-HEARING...damn, your self-ascribed, grandiose opinion of your presence, is pathetic!!

Also, Joey didn't have anything to babble about, since I didn't update, so here's the updates from the last meeting.

March 8, 2017: Yippie! Leo Drozdoff RESIGNED! How soon can we expect the other three to 'get religion' and resign? Can't wait to see what unqualified, pompous ass, BriBri replaces him with! What crony of BriBri needs a job/extra income, time will tell!

March 8, 2017: Rather than feed our Antonymic Joey, items to babble on about since the last meeting, during his 'Chairman's Comments', the updates since the last meeting, will be uploaded after the meeting. Lets see what pearls of wisdom PUKE's own oracle will grace us with.

March 3, 2017: Apparently, our unqualified Executive Director aka Summer Camp Barbie, has SOOOOOOO much FREE TIME, that she can sit her ass at the Legislature today…not even saying a fucking word! So why couldn’t she watch it over the internet over the NEW COMPUTER that she got for PUKE peeps? WHAT! She would actually have to do some work while LISTENING, rather than sitting there like a bump on a log?

So since Barbie, in her ‘ahem’ position as HR, knew PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 28th, that there was an OPENING for an ADMIN ATTY for Antonymic Joey, why did she FINALLY post the ad on March 3rd? Apparently, Barbie doesn’t know what’s going on in her ‘HR position’, and who is playing musical chairs. As the February 28th  Employee Phone List clearly shows that Jessie Diss is with the GC’s Office.

Not to NEGATE the fact, that these TWO ADMIN ATTORNEY jobs are IDENTICAL, why is Antonymic Joey, placing a TIME limit, to submit resumes, March 17th, but Annie’s AA ad cites ‘Resumes Will Be Accepted Until Recruitment Needs Are Satisfied.’ What happens if no one responds to his ad/deadline?

Barbie just keeps promoting why the ratepayers think she needs to get the fuck out of this position. It took this fucking WONDERFUL/QUALIFIED person, MORE THAN FIVE DAYS to post the Admin Atty position for Cartoon City! The fucking ad was IDENTICAL except for the location and time deadline, and Speedy Gonzalez aka Barbie couldn’t master doing two things at once! OH yeah…SUCH A PRIZE with her!

Then we have our new GC, Garret Weir sitting next to Summer Camp Barbie, who ALSO didn’t say a word. YET! Garret ad nauseum during phone conversations, claims he and his people are SO OVER WORKED! AGAIN, when he could have listened/watched over the internet.

Ah, did our lil Antonymic Joey need SUPPORT when he blabbed at the Energy Committee meeting today? What he can’t sit in an audience, without people to make him feel ‘comfortable’? Are Garrett & Barbie part of his MS 13 entourage?

So what spurred/lit a fire under the ass of Garret, to go and RUN UP to Pat Farley after the meeting?

Bet you guys didn’t expect Fred to have such a long interaction with Spearman, did you?

Hey Antonymic Joey, since when is PUKE allowed to ‘lobby/support’, when YOUR people FEIGN to be ONLY allowed to EDUCATE & TAKE A NEUTRAL POSITION. Guess we have DIFFERENT versions of what that means.

Shouldn’t be any surprise, as your version of OPEN/TRANSPARENT is diametrically opposite of what NV ratepayers interpret that to mean.

Hey Garret, if you and your staff are so fucking overworked, that you COULDN’T fulfill the FOIA requests, yet, people can fuck around at the legislature, try another fucking bullshit story. If you contributed something it would be a different scenario.


NVE has a MAJOR PR problem ever since the Net Metering Fiasco, so why are they siding with these fucking bills, that are going to piss off the ratepayers, who are going to get EXTORTED to pay for these SUBSIDIES?

Apparently, when President Trump stated, he was going to ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP’, NV seems to think, that the feds are going to exclude NVE & NV and give them money for these renewable programs? HA! LOL!

NVE will be FORCED to RAISE RATES and if they think the few who are whining about solar, are going to outnumber those who have to pay, time to think outside of PUKE!

February 28, 2017: Update- MUSICAL CHAIRS at PUKE AGAIN! So we have Jessica Rabbit going from playing Admin Atty to Ass. General Counsel; Andy, is a SENIOR ATTORNEY in Staff Counsel.

So that leaves Danny Boy to be the ‘lead’ Admin Atty to the Communists...err, Commissioners.

So, since when and WHERE was there ANY MENTION in the budget to hire 1 more, barely knowledgeable lawyer (li-ars) to advise the marionettes that sit on the dais, since there were these change of positions?

The lying bullshit artists at PUKE, want to keep their activities STEATH, as to who our extorted monies, that feed their Mill Assessment, are paying for.

They THOUGHT they were SLICK removing the FULL DIVISION LIST…when time permits, it will be recreated, that will fix THAT!

February 27, 2017: Without fail, Hellie sends her Garret approved fucking bullshit letter regarding providing FOIA requests. The bullshit story Hellie wants to be considered as VALID, is that the request can’t be completed until JUNE FIRST!

Then watch Garret upcoming BULLSHIT, that since NVE’s GRC was filed , and they are OVERLOADED!

Yet, the GC’s office INCREASED staff by one, aka Jessie, and Garret plopped his lying ass on March 3rd at the Energy Committee meeting, also. If Garret thinks his bullshit is going to be tolerated, he better go and drink the Kool-Aid, as we know he is nothing short of a lying, bullshit artist, denying the public access to the activities that they are doing and want to keep hidden.

The proverbial gloves are off, learn to fucking deal with public disclosure and assessment of your FRAUD/LIES etc!


You wanted to be GC, public scrutiny comes with this public position.

February 23, 2017: Well, well! Now we have a job opening for an Admin Attorney. So lets see...we have Andrew Hall who just moved up from Legal Case Manager recently to work with Pomgrancz, when Matt Fox went to the General Counsel's Office. Jessica Diss has been around for quite a while and Dan Haggarity has been in his position since about February or March of last year. So only time will tell who is the rat deserting the sinking ship.

February 22, 2017: PUKE had their agenda meeting today. Now NORMALLY our favorite bloviating Joey would be touting something he or PUKE did, or making comments related to a post on this site. Decided to hold off uploading, to see if he could find something to ramble on about. Lo and behold, today he had NOTHING to say. During public comment, he couldn't CONTAIN his laughter when his bullshit was called out regarding open and transparent being ANTONYMS vs the REAL definitions. At one point we got to hear him, inform us of a VERY relevant fact, that he can 'sing' in his mind, songs from ads and also children's cereal commercials. Thankfully when Ann asked him to sing, he deflected from the query.

So since Antonymic Joey had to tell the Assembly Committee on Energy on Monday, about his interest/fascination with railroads/trains, one could only wonder, was one of his songs related to Good n Plenty candy? You know...choo choo Charlie.

On Monday, when Barbie and AnnMarie were 'explaining' to the Budget Committee, about how DIFFICULT it was to find a railway safety inspector, both NEGLECTED this FACT: "Another inspector was previously a Grounds Equipment Operator II for the state, which demonstrates that someone with mechanical skills can be trained to competently perform the job, if necessary."

Now, our HIGHLY QUALIFIED/PROFICIENT Barbie, who is ALSO the Head of HR @ PUKE, you would EXPECT, knows ABOUT RECRUITING! I mean after all, on her resume, she cites: " CREATIVE EXPERTISE in Human Relations...", along with being the 'Director of Human Resources for a JEWELRY CHAIN! WOW! So given these STELLAR qualifications, one would SUSPECT, for such a SPECIALIZED position, Barbie would post to sites, that would attract qualified potential applicants.  But NOOOOO!

As USUAL, the PUBLIC has to do her fucking job!  Comments made today at this meeting, shows AGAIN, she is out of her league in this position: "We have the same lack of initiative and creative problem solving with the public handwringing about finding a new railroad safety inspector.  The claim was made that recruiting efforts “have been expanded,” however, the web site, a repository for over 2,500 railroad jobs around the country, shows no PUCN job posting even though this is a free service.  Similarly, was there ever any outreach to the American Association of Railroads?  How about the search firm of Edna Rice (, focused exclusively on railroad positions?  How about RailTemps ( for a temp-to-permanent candidate and the Railway Educational Bureau ( "

When Antonymic Joey addressed a non-human sitting at the dais...the canine would have 'spoken', but considering his comments/bark would be literally releasing shit...regarding PUKE, so, his comments can be found on various grassy areas LOL

Since we have to wait for Antonymic Joey to get off his ass and respond to the Petition for Reconsideration, his party affiliation is with the GOP...thus we found his new 'logo', as to how he 'addresses' things...aka 'in the public interest'!!

February 21, 2017: After many phone calls with Garrett, this last one, where he kept asking ‘why do I keep speaking with you, what am I getting out of it’? I decided to tell him via email, that there was no need for any further conversations between the two of us. EVEN AFTER giving him what he WANTED, he kept the email exchange going, here it is in its entirety! During the call he INFORMED me that the FOIA requests would not be provided within the 5 day prescribed time frame, AS HIS OFFICE/PEOPLE ARE OVERWORKED & DON’T HAVE TIME! That turned out to be ANOTHER PIECE OF BULLSHIT!

February 20, 2017: PUKE’s budget was being reviewed by the legislature. Barbie did not disappoint, she proved that she is not ready for prime time and LIED, while trying to do damage control.  What a fucking joke she is! She BETTER watch what she says…video recordation has a tendency to expose things…

Then later on, our favorite prevaricator appeared at an energy meeting, spewing forth and extolling how wonderful he and PUKE are! That so called ‘Altar Boy’ grin is not fooling anyone.

Taking CREDIT for having the video feed…HA! That was BEFORE YOUR TIME and there is a RECORD OF IT!  Both the funds and initial purchase…BEFORE YOU came on board…STOP LYING!

You have an unhealthy need to be the initiator of everything, look how wonderful I am, look what I am doing…aren’t I wonderful?!?!?

Keep it up, you are probably one pat away from a rotator cuff surgical appointment!!

Why not have one of your engineers design this for you?

February 12-15, 2017: PUKE’s ever so IMPOTENT (not important) employees, go to YET ANOTHER conference on our dime. This time it’s to DC. Must be nice, putting your worthless asses on vacays under the guise of ‘education and interacting’ with other PUCK people!

Even out of town, my 'fans' couldn't RESIST logging on to this site, to see what is going on!

Page Views:
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14 Feb 2017 05:48:51
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So, were they trying to 'sneak' a peak? Was this 'data usage' part of the room or are the ratepayers paying for their addiction to this site? Inquiring minds want to know.

February 10, 2017: Jessie Diss provides this response regarding FOIA: “Please be advised that the Commission does not have records responsive to your request. Please know that Nevada’s public records laws do not require the Commission to create materials to facilitate your inspection of records. As a result, the Commission may not be able to provide you responsive information as the Commission does not maintain visitor sign-in sheets as you have specified.”

You just have to LOVE it, when Jessie writes- if you have any questions, to contact her, then when you do, she doesn't respond! Especially when you nail her with the TRUTH!

Problem is, Jessie Baby better read her Admin Manual specifically:

“Policy 1.3 “Office Visitors.

POLICY: Office Visitors

PURPOSE: To clarify the appropriate procedures for office visitors. PROCEDURE: The Commission regularly has visitors in the building. All visitors…are required to check-in and check out with reception and issued a visitor badge. This includes employee family members, delivery and repair personnel and individuals that are here for scheduled and non-scheduled meetings with Commission employees.

Reception Procedures:

2. If the visitor is here for any other reason, the following steps are to be followed:

a) The visitor is asked to complete the sign-in sheet.

          b) The Commission employee checking in the visitor reviews the sign-in sheet to ensure the information provided is complete and legible.

          c) The visitor is provided with a Visitor Badge and asked to wear the badge during the visit and to return to reception to check-out and return the badge prior to leaving the building.”

So Jessie- what’s your legal abadaba to that????????

Come on…waiting to read your bullshit response!

So is it our infamous bullshit artist Chair Reynolds who touts ‘open and transparent’ or Barbie trying to hide what is really going on behind closed doors?

February 9, 2017: A FOIA request was done for: Copies of all visitor sign in sheets for both Carson and Vegas offices, for the time period of December 1, 2016 to February 7, 2017. With NO REDACTIONS!

As Papa Joe claimed he met with people over the LED’s, so it follows suit that there is a record of who comes into their offices.

February 8, 2017:  Is Papa Joe out of his mother-fucking mind? Did he just wake up one morning and decide what can I pull out of my ass, to cost ratepayers more money?

I KNOW! I’ll make them fucking pay for LED light bulbs!

This piece of shit program was previously killed and now this…out of Joe’s ass, comes this proposed investigation that can best be compared to Lazarus of Bethany.  With Joe trying to emulate Bioquark’s Ira Pastor regarding their ReAnima Project.

Today it was on the docket, who would have expected that the greenies would be calling in their mouthpieces: SWEEP and NRDF to plea their case.

One woman admitted she WORKED and she had FOUR kids and this program…ok, FUCKING SUBSIDY, would benefit her, she could have more money for her kids! She was a shill…needs to work on acting skills, too obvious!

That got me riled up, then another one used the ‘buzz phrase’, this SUBSIDY, err program, would be ‘economically beneficial’.

Oh yeah, those pennies are going to be such a fucking boon to the economy.

What the FUCK! Poor people who can barely afford to pay their power bills, now, are supposed to shell out money for people like her to buy bulbs that cost almost FIVE TIMES what a incandescent one costs, so she can have extra money?

Oh, PUH-LEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ The shit is getting out of hand at PUKE.

Just where in fucking hell do these people and fucking PUKE think the money comes from for these programs? Do these idiots who want the fucking savings, REALIZE that they are going to be fucking paying for them????????????

Are they stupid enough to think that NVE is going to shell out money for this? HA!

What, they think that the government is going to pay for them? Where the fuck do you think the government gets the money from…YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!

If SWEEP is so concerned about this program, let them PAY FOR it!

Sure when it come to putting their money where their mouths are…they back off. All talk with nothing to bring forth to alleviate the burden upon the masses!

Then we had RUBBERSTAMP REYNOLDS grace us with his ENDORSEMENT of this SUBSIDY! We had to ENDURE his ranting of how he wants this and wants to revive the program, thus having this investigatory docket.

Joey was called out that he was acting like an attorney, he picks his ‘topic’ and will find any and everything to support it. Again, piss poor acting on his part.

Even Stevie Wonder could have seen that Joey has already made up his mind on this issue.

Reynolds was called out on SUPPOSEDLY being a republican, who are supposed to REDUCE taxes, apparently, he never got that message.

Is he is republican? One has to wonder, as he is nothing short of a “D” claiming to be an “R”!!  Just like his HANDLER aka Rino Goobernor Sandoval! Rubberstamp Reynolds invited everyone to participate in the investigatory docket, as he WANTED TO HEAR THEIR OPINIONS!!!!!! Oh, yeah…CLASSIC DELPHI Technique move!

Joey is obediently parroting what BriBri wants…in the INFAMOUS ‘NEW NV’!


Next step: BriBri will find a way to increase taxes, to cover the asshole reconstructive surgery, turning a sphincter into a elongated slit, so that the ratepayers can shit money to cover these bullshit subsidies…err, PROGRAMS!

February 3, 2017: Oh, PUH-LEZZZZZZZZZZ! You just HAVE to LOVE how PUCK is FUCKING rewriting things to make their lying, sorry asses look good!

Today a press release comes out announcing that PUKE is streaming VIDEO!

"This enhancement continues the PUCN's efforts to increase transparency and public accountability and makes our proceedings more accessible to all Nevadans," Commission Chairman Joe Reynolds said. "I want to thank Executive Director Stephanie Mullen and our IT Division for making this happen."

Notice they DID NOT say that these are ARCHIVED-only LIVE! AKA PUKE'S version of SNAP CHAT! Once the meeting is over, it DISAPPEARS into the cosmos. Oh, yeah...a new meaning to OPEN & TRANSPARENT-better not blink or its over!


Now, here’s the REAL STORY: Back in 2016, the public BITCHED & MOANED about PUKE not being accessible, ie no audio for anything BUT AGENDA MEETINGS! So when PUKE was at the Sunset Committee in February 2016, it was “MENTIONED by the Chair of the Committee, Sen. James Settelmeyer, if it was up to him, he would err on the side of being MORE transparent. [This is memorialized in the actual video file on the Legislature website]! So when Paulie baby spoke and said they would look into it and see if it was feasible. Lo and behold they started adding audio for other proceedings.

This video should be nicknamed 'PUKE'S SNAP CHAT'! As soon as the meeting is over it disappears into cyber space forever!

Now if PUKE wants to fucking generate FANTASY PRESS RELEASES, better make sure that there AREN'T FACTS that DISCREDIT your hyperbole! Barbie did not have a FUCKING THING to do with the video broadcasting. Of course, Papa Joe, had to stick his $0.02 in, FEIGNING that Barbie made this happen!


The 2015 Budget ALLOCATED THE FUCKING MONEY TO IMPROVE THE AUDIO/VIDEO EQUIPMENT TO DO THIS, along with upgrading their computer systems/equipment etc.!

So Barbie get your fucking ego in check, you had JACK SHIT to do with it, it was BEFORE YOUR TIME! CAPISE?

As back on July 12, 2016, a FOIA was sent for accounting on video equipment expenses, which as USUAL PUKE found a bullshit excuse to NOT COMPLY with said request-so much for the bullshit mantra of Papa Joe's 'OPEN & TRANSPARENT'. As a NEW ONE was JUST SENT, lets see what bullshit PUKE comes up WITH now, to refuse this new request!

Papa Joe is trying to make his lil ‘non-qualified’ girl look good, ONLY SERVES to prove, he doesn’t fucking know what the facts are!

Pete’s comment about transcripts being available is misleading, as you HAVE TO PAY for them! We have already paid for them via our STEALTH Mill Tax, that they use this money for the court reporter, now, she gets to double dip and the public gets STIFLED without being able to read them WITHOUT being EXTORTED!

The court reporter is ALREADY PAID, now, they are basically COLLECTING ROYALTIES for something that they DID NOT intellectually create, they just TOOK NOTES! To get a copy you are being EXTORTED by PUKE as follows: The fee for transcript copies provided by the PUCN is $2.03 per page ($2.00 court reporter fee and $.03 PUCN copy fee per page for printed copies).

You can REQUEST to view it in person, on THEIR computer free of charge. So, if you can view it on their computer, why haven't these geniuses done the following: Post the transcript, but have it LOCKED so that no one can copy or download a copy, just view it online from any computer?

Now, here is where PUKE fucks the ratepayers when they ask for a copy: They bastardize 'staff time', to charge no more than $0.50/page.

January 31, 2017: I have CONSISTENTLY claimed that PUKE is trying to go STEALTH, as opposed to the lying ramblings of Papa Joe’s claims of ‘A NEW NV of OPEN & TRANSPARENT”.

I really think Barbie should go to the Board of Examiners and request funding for an INTERPRETER! Her people say one thing, when you do what they say, they STILL IGNORE it when enacted. Make up our minds!

Yesterday, Trish Osbourne sends an email that filing a Request to be a Commenter is no longer necessary, referencing their webpage under participate: To participate in the contested case as a commenter, the person must file written comments prior to the scheduled proceeding on the contested case and identify the person as a commenter. Comments must adhere to the requirements for submitting a pleading. If the person files such written comments prior to the proceeding, the Commission will place the commenter on the docket-specific service list maintained by the Commission, and the commenter will receive notifications of Commission-issued notices and orders thereafter. To which I responded, as USUAL no response, when you point out their ambiguity or unclear protocol requirements!

Ok, not a problem.

Let me digress a little bit, at last week’s agenda meeting, it was made public that Barbie’s budget submission feigned 100% compliance with Docket Notifications being done within their 10 day period. So one of the ’10 day compliance’ dockets, opened on January 3rd, 17-01011, is STILL not noticed: Jan 24th, Jan 30th, Jan 31st, Feb 4th.

So in order to FOLLOW the recommendations of PUKE’S ASSISTANT COMMISSION SECRETARY, FIVE comments were submitted with notices of receipt:1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 5, 5A.  They are NOT posted on the docket as received comments.

Even their daily filings of Jan 30th and Jan 31st, do not reflect these filings-SO MUCH FOR OPEN & TRANSPARENT- Right Papa Joe?

Obviously their RULES are situational and who is filing comments.

Since there was no email today from PUKE, they do in fact have the comments that they REFUSE to post.


Such as 16-01013, Docket opened on January 11, 2016, NOTICED April 4, 2016. YET, they ACCEPTED requests to be commenters on January 12, 2016, even their DAILY REPORT shows these requests!

January 30, 2017:  What’s INTERESTING as of January 25th, at 12:12pm, their calendar had nothing scheduled for February 2nd, lo and behold, NOW we have a SPECIAL AGENDA scheduled.

What bullshit is Papa going to whine about now, that COULDN’T wait for the next scheduled agenda meeting? Is he going to talk about the upcoming session and that they are going to NON-LOBBY, but to EDUCATE on certain bills? He could have done that today. Haven’t heard of anyone leaving that would require an open call for candidates, as the current 2 open positions don’t require Commission approval. Guess we will have to wait to see their agenda meeting notice.

January 29, 2017: The Petition for Reconsideration filed by NVE is going to show just what these Commissioners are made of. Are they going to address it like they should or be like scared kids afraid to tackle a highly questionable filing, that might piss off their mentor aka BriBri, because it has to do with renewables/net metering, by NOT RESPONDING within the PRESCRIBED TIME PERIOD? Only time will tell. Staff submitted theirs and its obvious that they are NOT taking a hard core recommendation: ”As such, the Petition fails to meet the standard established by NAC 703.801 and should be either simply denied by the Commission, or granted to allow clarification.”  

January 25, 2017: Oy fucking vey ish meir!

Before I go forward, I have to address a rumor, that every time I think about it, I burst into hysterical laughter…don’t take a drink…ready? People are saying that Papa Joe wants to be a JUDGE!  LOL The odds of that happening, with the ire and anger he is generating with the residents, is about as viable as me being the spokesperson for smart meters! I’ll volunteer for his opponents campaign if this turns out to be true!

Ok, now…

Thank God for video and audio records. Guess who shows up at the LV Office, none other but Barbie and Papa Joe! Umm, so out of the 2 commissioners up in Cartoon City, only one flies down with Barbie. Did they fly out early or did they book an overnight stay? Gotta love how FRUGAL people are when its THEIR money! More about that later.

While setting up my camera, Barbie came up and introduced herself to me. I said, I know who you are Barbie. No way, was I not going to refer to her as I have done so in the past. I thought it was nice of her to introduce herself. As I had planned to go up to her after the video camera was set up, she just happened to beat me to the punch. I asked, so why are you down here? Seems according to her, she comes down here to meet people. What no drinks and appies?

At times like the following, PUKE REALLY needs to get a popcorn machine, as its like watching a real life slap stick comedy.

So we have the usual first set of public comments. Since Barbie was sitting off to my side, I noticed that she was taking notes while I spoke, I can only SPECULATE it had to do with the assertions that her budget [starts on page 1088] used figures that I had examples of, that proved that her statement of 100%, was not in fact true.  [FAST FORWARD TO THURSDAY, THE 26TH, WHEN THE SO CALLED 10 DAY NOTICE WAS PREPARED…HOW TO GET THINGS DONE WITH PUKE? COMMENT ON IT IN A PUBLIC FORUM OR ON A WEBSITE, THEN IT GETS THEIR ASSES IN GEAR. GUESS THEY ARE CONCERNED THAT THE POWERS THAT BE MIGHT BE MONITORING THIS SITE OR MEETINGS, AND PUKE WANTS TO COVER THEIR ASSES. IF YOU ARE GOING TO COVER YOUR ASSES, DO WHAT YOU ARE CLAIMING YOU DID IN YOUR FILING!!!!]

Then we had our usual STATE OF PUKE diatribe by Papa Joe, trying to convince the public how it is highly integrated with ‘Economic Development’ and PUKE! Oh, YEAH! They will give tax breaks to the big guys to come here aka Economic Development, especially those who want to use solar, then we won’t have it subsidized by the utility customers aka same bullshit we heard about Net Metering and solar.

Then Barbie did her THIRD appearance as the ED, including her performance at the Legislature. I am surprised that Papa didn’t keel over and pay homage to ALL the work she did on preparing the Biennial Report. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY she prepared this report on solar or this one on UEPA. I UNDERSTAND complementing a person, but after every time someone does something that is in their job description, it becomes meaningless.

Then Steven Hill, BriBri’s shill for Economic Development rambled on, yawn yawn, same bullshit rhetoric about Bri Bri…I fully expect one day to walk in and see that they are now serving Communion in BriBri honor ‘major eye roll’!

After the meeting, when Papa Joe and Annie were approached...remember they ARE PUBLIC FIGURES, to ask why Papa was here, when we have video conferencing, Papa said he used to live here! OH!? So you used OUR dime to come down here for a visit? No response, but a chuckle by Papa. Then Annie chimed in he was here for business. Gee, nothing was on the calendar regarding a docket, was he here to chit chat with Annie? Ummmmmmmmmm, if you were to discuss anything, wouldn’t that be an OPEN MEETING VIOLATION, as you had a quorum???

With all this ass-kissing and brown-nosing going on towards our Republican Governor, err, ACTING Republican Governor, the state insurance plan should include discounted rates for total knee and hip replacements! BriBri is NOT a deity and this ongoing honoring him under the phrase of ‘NEW NV’, is getting OUT OF CONTROL...whatever happened to separation of church and state? This newly formed Church of Sandoval, by those, who apparently have pledged allegiance to, for giving them ‘high state positions, is being called into question!

Lets just see come 2018, when we vote for a NEW GOVERNOR! Will these Commissioners STILL have their positions under the NEWLY ELECTED GOVERNOR LAXALT? We shall see!

January 11, 2017: OK! What a comedy of errors at the utility agenda meeting today.

OH! Did you know that you are PAYING for PUKE employees to ACQUIRE Bonus Miles, which they THINK they can use for their personal use-aka vacation travel? YEP! It is TRUE! Even when CONFRONTED with State Administrative Manual Travel guidelines! Barbie was observed to SMIRK when this was presented today. She BETTER read the changes from DECEMBER 2016! So much for the cost-cutting measures she is suppose to enact!

After the first set of comments, we had the agitated statements of Chairman Papa Joe regarding opinions on his ED aka Barbie.

At least he acknowledged that people had FIRST AMENDMENT rights. He needs to remember that opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. If not, you are full of shit.

The real world is not the warm, fuzzy, everyone-gets-a-trophy-for-participating, environment that runs rampant now. Some people will like you, others won’t. So learn to deal with the cold, cruel world.

You want people to refrain from expressing opinions about your work performance, Barbie? You REALLY NEED to show you are UPPER MANAGEMENT MATERIAL! Aside from the fact, no matter WHAT Papa says, there is NO WRITTEN OPINION that you are qualified.

You ARE a PUBLIC figure-employee opinions COME with that status.

When you appeared before the QUASI-JUDICIAL Commission today, you looked like any person from the street. YET, during the times you have POPPED in to observe a meeting, you were professional looking. A jacket is what a REAL professional would wear. Ann always is professionally dressed. The same goes for fellow workers when addressing the Commission. NOT being nitpicky, just HIGHLY observant--it’s a Nu Yawk thing!  (TYPED IT WITH A NY ACCENT)

Running to Papa Joe for protection is most likely a joke and demonstrates cowardice. REAL EXECUTIVES have cojones and deal with resolving issues themselves. Did someone miss their class on conflict resolution during their meteoric rise, to the Peter Principle status??? Here’s my $0.02 recommendation since you have ISSUES with OPINIONS:



Papa Joe’s utilization of the term ‘bully’ is a joke. But later on, he did his own little bully  ‘performance’. It seems there were THREE people who spoke on a certain docket, two were/are involved with a solar company. So Papa Joe went OUT of his way to EXCLUDE one of his ‘non-ass kissing’ ratepayers, when he thanked these two people, for their comments on the docket. Just have to LAUGH, people think their actions go unnoticed…HA!!


During a telephone conversation with a well-placed source at PUKE, it appears that they dismiss those who express opinions that are not ‘warm and fuzzy’ in nature, as ‘white noise’ generators. Strange that they have a white noise attitude in person, but these same people spend work time on websites that reiterate what they feign dislike of…oy fucking vey!

We have a PUKE employee from the SAME COMPUTER, NINE FUCKING TIMES, on a newly-created website. The only page visited was about Barbie, not checking on the other employee links (commissioners). Since this access was Cartoon City-based, and only ‘concerned’ with Barbie, one can drawn a strong inference that this was Barbie looking herself up. INTERESTINGLY enough, about 10:50 or so, the announcement of the website was made. Then at 10:56 someone logged on to the website. SOOOOOOOOOOO, was someone listening via the live link? Was someone at the meeting texting about the site? This access was a mobile phone from LODI, CA. Let’s see, we have two employees known to have close ties to CA: Barbie and Dan Haggarity.

The probable deduction is that Barbie used her WORK TIME to contact people in these CA cities. Government computer, internet or phone paid for from our Mill Tax.

Ah, yes, saving ratepayer’s money.

January 9, 2017: When I read this: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." -Albert Einstein, I immediately think of Summer Camp Barbie. As her ‘competency’ as the ED surely is FINITE!

On January 6th, PUKE sent out their notification of a Utility Agenda Meeting on Jan. 11th. One of the items, after the newly instituted State of the PUKE diatribe, is Barbie ‘reinventing’ PUKE’s Mission Statement.

 “For discussion only: Presentation of the New PUCN Mission Statement by ED ‘Barbie’’.

Currently the Mission Statement states  ‘Supervise and regulate the operation and maintenance of utility services in Nevada.’

"Reasonable minds can infer from the lack of backup that there will be many flowery statements but nothing substantive in Barbie's 'presentation' of the Mission Statement. Are we now going to be treated to a second sentence beyond the bland, existing first sentence? If the Mission Statement is now to be two sentences, what meaningful commentary can Barbie add? But she may be able to talk for more than the 27 seconds of 'introduction' she made to the Legislature's Sunset Subcommittee in February 2016, which would be a personal record."

I believe this is the SECOND time since August of 2015, we are being graced by the ‘woman behind the screen’. Is Barbie Nevada's answer to Punxsutawney Phil- showing her face once a year? Late spring of 2016, now January 11, 2017. Lets all put on our black blazers and celebrate her 'coming out' of hiding.

Since there has been no supporting material regarding this agenda item, an email exchange was done with Garrett, the new GC.

Q: When will Barbie's new and improved mission statement that is on Wednesday's agenda, be available for public viewing.

Or is she just going to wing it and not have anything provided as a docket back up.
Can we expect this like the last time I asked, and Joey produced it at 5:00 pm, the day prior to the meeting.

A: As for Item 2B, I don't believe that there will be any supporting materials.

Q: Oh, so now Barbie isn't providing written documentation to the changes she wants to make?
So the public isn't being given advance notice to make comments on an item, that our input is allowed to be considered. And you wonder why we go after her?

Also, if this is required to be voted on by the commission, what they are suppose to 'vote' on, since nothing is grounded in writing?
Not a valid way to approach it.

A:  No need to worry about being deprived of an opportunity to comment on a new mission statement.  Though the agenda notice suggests that new language will be presented, Chairman Reynolds and Ms. Mullen merely intend to initiate the process of adopting new language.

Q: You can't comment after the fact. As it is scheduled after the first period for public comment.
Remember anything brought to the commission has to be presented to the public also.
I see a new posting tonight on watchdogs about Barbie!

No further response on this.

 “A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, or a tragedy, or perhaps, both.James Madison

One has to wonder, if Barbie is going to just exhale C02 regarding this, just HOW are the Commissioners suppose to have a discussion without something in writing? As it is common practice for ‘adjustments’ to be made to proposals, draft orders etc. What are they going to do, have Barbie permeate the CC room with C02 when adjustments are being proposed? Repeating it every time something is brought up?

So just WHO is going to memorialize this and the changes, as there is NOT a court reporter at agenda meetings? Is someone going to take it down in shorthand? Is someone going to repetitively replay the audio file to write it up?

Is Barbie going to make handwritten changes to her ‘proposal’ and submit them at the next meeting for it to be voted on?  Does she THINK she can SKIRT this getting voted on?

Barbie better extract her head out of her external anal sphincter and see how things are REALLY done; her attempt to bloviate like Joey is not going to fly.


 “A civil servant is sometimes like a broken cannon, it won't work and you can't fire it.” - George Patton

 “You know it don’t take much intelligence to get yourself into a nailed-up coffin, Laura. But who in hell ever got himself out of one without removing one nail?” —The Glass Menagerie   Time to remove the nail, aka Barbie!

"We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand, and it is no good moving from place to place to save things; because the shadow always follows. Choose a place where you won't do harm - yes, choose a place where you won't do very much harm, and stand in it for all you are worth, facing the sunshine." - E.M. Forster- A Room With A View