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Clarins and Thierry Mugler acknowledges
that Angel Perfume is dangerous and they falsified safety information to the FDA. Nor has it ever been tested for safety for use by pregnant women.

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Why is Eva Mendes endorsing a product that has never been fully tested for safety for use by pregnant women and the developing fetus?  Never tested by Clarins or Thierry Mugler for respiratory complications? That has known risks documented with the finished product and utilizing ingredients that are classified with recognized health risks associated with it? 

We have ALL testing that was done or NOT done, highly documented scientific medical references of the dangers associated with Angel Perfume. Deformulation identifying so called proprietary ingredients.



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Updated: December 27, 2011

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For all actual laboratory testing of Angel Perfume, contact for further information and cost.

Angel Perfume
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What does Eva Mendes have against women and unborn children, by endorsing a product with know health risks associated with it?

We have obtained records confirming the inherent dangers in Angel Perfume, manufactured by Thierry Mugler in France and distributed internationally and in the United States by Clarins, Inc.

Because of the wanton disregard for the public's health, we have issued an advisory that women who are pregnant to not use Angel unless they have discussed it with their physicians.

There are no tests done regarding the effects upon pregnant women using Angel, nor is there any reference on the packaging stating, it hasn't been tested for safety during pregnancy.

The full petition submitted to the FDA requesting that Angel Perfume Be Declared a Drug can be read here. There was another petition referencing Angel for Men submitted to the FDA which can be read here.

Angel is primarily sold by Nordstrom's Inc., who are aware of the dangers but are electing not to disclose this information to the public. Nordstrom's, Inc., is federally prohibited from shipping perfume via the United States Postal Service Air Mail. They have to ship by commercial air carriers such as DHL.  Hazardous Material 18 U.S.C. 1716 states: "All matter that is outwardly or of its own force dangerous or injurious to life, health or property is non-mailable".

Therefore, exposing both the general population along with their unsuspecting employees of potential health risks. Angel Perfume  is made with the same ingredients found in pesticides & chemicals that attack the eyes, skin, central/peripheral nervous systems, respiratory, hepatic, hematological & reproductive systems, resulting in anemia, ophthalmic & nasal irritation, lassitude, narcosis, lethargy, teratogenic effects along with damage to the DNA of sperm in adult males.    

Clarins failed to label their product that those on anti-coagulants needed to discuss with their doctors using Angel, as the Coumarin could affect the therapeutic dose of Warafin.

Clarins was fully aware that the use of Angel Perfume during pregnancy could effect the developing fetus resulting in neuro-behavioral problems in school aged children.

Clarins failed to notify the public that their ingredient Benzophenone-2 has an effect upon the thyroid and research has shown, it can cause uterine wall thickening.

Angel Perfume has not been fully tested. A Dermal Skin Insult Test was done, but the methodology was flawed. In order to represent a random sampling of the targeted population Harrison Laboratories, in 1999,  pre-screened subjects to make sure this test produced their desired results. Thus the study did not meet the normally accepted criteria for a unbiased random sampling.

Clarins own laboratory in Paris determined that within one hour there was ocular cell necrosis.

Clarins did not do any respiratory testing on Angel Perfume even though a majority of the ingredients have known respiratory irritants.

They falsified their MSDS, did not do flash point testing until almost a decade after they started selling Angel Perfume.  Additionally, their flash point test was bogus as it listed a range of temperatures, when in fact there is only a single set point.

Some of the chemicals have not been fully tested for safety and their use should be prohibited.

They lied to their stockholders hiding the fact that there was litigation that could have an impact upon the company.

Their incorporation of Azulene according to Cosmetic Ingredient Review has stated: "Cosmetic ingredients with insufficient data to support safety'.

Clarins, Inc has intentionally refused to follow federal labeling regulations, along with importation rules and regulations:

21CFR Sec. 740.1 States:  The label of a cosmetic product shall bear a warning statement whenever necessary or appropriate to prevent a health hazard that may be associated with the product.

21CFRSec. 740.2States:  A warning statement shall appear on the label prominently and conspicuously as compared to other words statements, designs or devices and in bold type on contrasting background to render it likely to be read and understood by the ordinary individual under customary conditions of purchase and use, but in no case may the letters and/or numbers be less than 1/16th inch in height, unless an exemption pursuant to paragraph (b) of this section is established.

21CFR Sec. 740.10 States: Each ingredient used in a cosmetic product and each finished cosmetic product shall be adequately substantiated for safety prior to marketing.  Any such product whose safety is not adequately substantiated prior to marketing is misbranded unless it contains the following conspicuous statement on the principal display panel:

Warning- The safety of this product has not been determined”

The Food and Drug Administration loosely regulates perfumes, fragrances and cosmetics under the sub-classification of food and nutrition. .  

The fragrance industry is self regulated and therefore, is analogous to the fox guarding the henhouse.  These products are not required to be tested for safety under normal testing protocols, only skewed dermatological tests that are not an accurate representation of the buying population.

Twenty years ago the respiratory effects of fragrances were identified, "Effects of Odors on Asthma" in the Journal of the American Medical Association (Shim, Chang, M.D., Williams, M. Henry, Jr., "Effects of Odors on Asthma." The American Journal of Medicine, Volume 80, January 1986, pp. 18-22) which indicated that an alarming 72% of asthmatic attacks are triggered by perfume and cologne. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America it is the most chronic condition among children, it is more common in children (7-10%) than adults (3-5%), nearly 5 million asthma sufferers are under the age of 18, affecting more than 1 child in 20, along with nearly half (44%) of all asthma hospitalizations are related to children.

The American Lung Association recommends to those with respiratory problems: "Also, MOST IMPORTANT, we are in agreement that the use of all kinds of aerosols and sprays, except those prescribed by a physician, is a bad idea. We all have sufficient respiratory problems without adding to them by inhaling unknown substances. Many sprays may be alright, but why take chances? There are many good liquid or gel type hair dressings, and the roll-on or solid deodorants are excellent. Some of these products are now available unscented." Along with what are classified as allergy or asthma triggers: "Perfume, paint, hair spray, or any strong odors or fumes."

The foundation will be de-formulating Clarins entire fragrance line to apprise the buying public of the hidden health risks associated with each product, that Clarins is fully aware of but has elected not to disclose to the end user consumer. 

We are compiling a database of adverse reactions to Angel Perfume which we will include with our request to the FDA to have them declare Angel Perfume misbranded and or mislabeled. If you are a current or former employee of Clarins, Inc., or Nordstrom's and developed any of the aforementioned illness or suffered a miscarriage or having problems with low sperm or deficient sperm quality and used or were around Angel please let us know. We are looking into a bringing forth litigation regarding Angel Perfume associated problems or Nordstrom's for refusing to disclose indoor air quality issues under the guise of doing commerce..

We believe every inquiry regarding Angel Perfume, Clarins or Nordstrom's deserves individualized and customized responses. Therefore, we will respond to each missive personally rather than with a generic system generated email response. 

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