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  • 11 Algerians . . . huffing
    Acute asthma - acute tachycardia - anaphylactic reactions caused by Fragrance & Perfume "In January of 1995 11 young Algerians deceased, following an attempt to get high on perfume of the international brand name ".............". They did not have a chance; only a few toxins are rapidly effective to such an extent, that death comes into effect within 48 hours, as seen in this case.


  • Scents To Die For -- Literally
    Charles W. Moore; September 1999
    Pull quote: "In July 1998, 16-year-old Jonathan Capewell of Manchester, England died due to spraying his body with too much deodorant. Jonathan had 10-times the lethal dosage of propane and butane in his blood when he suffered a fatal heart attack. The coroner's report determined that chemical fumes built up in his body following months  of "high" deodorant use."


  • Washington Post
    Obituaries: Saturday, March 16, 2002; Page B
    Samantha Snyder Turner, Nurse Practitioner
    " Samantha Turner, 52, a nurse practitioner who specialized in obstetrics and
    gynecology for the Kaiser Permanente HMO in Reston, died Feb. 28 at Inova
    Fairfax Hospital. She died of complications from an allergic reaction to perfume.