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 Updated: March 22, 2011

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Toxic Hotels



March 14, 2011: Nevada Assembly Bill AB234 addresses the barriers under the Americans for Disabilities that are prevalent throughout the state, in public accommodations. Casinos have intentionally decided that those with neurological, brain and respiratory disabilities are not worth accommodating their health issues. They have fallen prey to the marketing prevarications of the fragrance industry, claiming they are safe.

Maybe casinos/hotels should see if their employees are having health issues only when they come to work.


The MGM-Mirage's newest property, City Center's Aria, the largest hotel in the world with LEED Gold Certification is being called into question by the NTEF.  They have reaped the tax benefits for green building then upon prior historical purchase, they most likely have turned around and are polluting the air with synthetic air freshening system by AromaSys.  Somehow the use of VOC's that have health implications associated with them, are intentionally being pumped into this structure.  One has to ask, what genius came up with this idea?  Sooner or later their employees will become sick and the MGM-Mirage could be hit with litigation. We are anxiously waiting for the Plaintiff's Attorney in the Wynn litigation, to realize that their client, most likely was injured by the toxic air freshener, Asian Rain, that Wynn uses by AromaSys. 

According to US Green Building their certification includes: Improve air and water quality; Enhance occupant comfort and health; Contribute to overall quality of life, do these chemicals sound like they will achieve those goals? There are known allergenic issues with some of those chemicals. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that the indoor air environment is more polluted than the outdoor environment. Since we spend most of our time indoors it would make sense that we would attempt to make the indoor air quality as healthy as possible.

Predicated on this it makes no sense to add to the toxic environment more chemical ingredients.

The utilization of chemically fragrant products through a hotel's ventilation system is counter productive.  If there are offending odors the mitigation of the offending odor should be the first priority not covering them up with additional chemicals.

These artificial, chemical fragrances create a barrier to those who have respiratory and cognitive related reactions to these toxins. So for those who have problems with chemicals, we have complied a list of businesses, hotels and casinos in Las Vegas that use fragrances or chemical neutralizers in their HVAC.  Along with chains that we have confirmed the use of these products in their properties corporate wide.

Predicated on the wide spread use of these toxic chemical air pollutants, we can not recommend any lodging in Las Vegas that is safe for anyone with environmentally mediated disabilities or those whose asthma is exacerbated by fragrances.

We recommend the Red Rock Hotel and Casino, as they do not use any type fragrance or chemicals in their HVAC.  

The Palms Hotel and Casino we suspect would be non toxic and a safe choice, based on a quote from the owner, in a July 14, 2010, Las Vegas Sun article:  

"George Maloof, owner of the Palms, said he had objected to scenting his property all along.

"It was one of those things that someone talked me into, so I said "OK. We'll try it" and after a few weeks, I really didn't like it," he said.

Maloof has never been a fan of using fragrances in his resorts,  He said he has a "sensitive nose" that even makes him averse to garlic."

He made a very intuitive statement: "I said, "Do we have to do it just because everyone else is doing it?"" 

We are waiting on confirmation regarding their HVAC ventilation issues.

The following hotels stated that they ceased using AromaSys, whether they have incorporated others it is unknown at this time: 

New York New York

Circus Circus


We have personally called these properties (May 2008) and spoken with (engineers, risk managers, security, maintenance, environmental services etc.) and they have confirmed the use of any of the following chemical type air fresheners: AromaSys, Aromatherapy, Air Neutralizer, Air Deodorizer, Air Sanitizers, Air Fresheners.  These are not just in the restrooms but can also be found in the casino, showrooms, hotel registration area, front door, atrium, etc. Some properties stated that the levels are "very low" and hardly detectable.

Some pump their "signature" scents into the elevators.

A preponderance of the cheaper hotel/motel chains spray Febreeze which adds more chemicals to the toxicity load.

Do not be fooled when they claim that they use an odor neutralizing device.  These are primarily ozone generators that react with the other chemicals and form more pollutants.

In June of 2007, the Seaview Marriott in Absecon, NJ, admitted that they spray the hotel with pesticides every week. 

Aladdin/Planet Hollywood



Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Caesars Palace- Atlantic City

Cirque du Soleil -"O"

City Center Sales Pavilion

Crowne Plaza Hotels

Encore Wynn Las Vegas



InterContinental Hotels

J.W. Marriott

L'Auberge du Lac Casino

Langham Hotels- Australia, London, Boston and Hong Kong

Las Vegas Hikton

Loews Hotels


MGM Grand Detroit

MGM Grand Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay


Mohegan Sun

MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa

Monte Carlo




Phoenician- Scottsdale

Renaissance Hotels & Resorts

Ritz Carlton Hotels & Resorts


Sam's Town

Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts



Sun Coast

The Palazzo Resort Casino

The Signature at MGM Grand

Treasure Island


Trump Plaza

Tuscany Suites and Hotel



Wyndham Hotels & Resorts


Hotel Scent Health Awareness Group

Are the Las Vegas Hotels/Casinos Environmentally Aware?  

Smell & Stupidity in Las Vegas

Brands say scents make sense in the guest experience

KLAS-TV in Vegas airs biased and unbalanced journalism regarding NEURO-TOXIC casino fragrances.  See the video newscast: - LasVegasNOW Video

If AromaSys is so safe, why is there an AromaSys Consumer Protection Website?

AromaSys-Casino Vendors

AromaSys makes scents -- and a device to distribute them through buildings

McLarent   this poison lasts for 45 days

Hyatt  Omni  Westin

Scent Air


All of the enclosed malls will present problems, from stores such as Bath & Body Works, Body Shop etc.  The Las Vegas Outlet Stores are open and less restrictive.  A good rule of thumb: If the store is known for having a fragrance, there's a good chance that it is going to be in the ambient air.