Teaching the body’s own immune system to recognize cancer and eliminate it

Toxic toys are partly to blame for increasing kids’ cancer rates and developmental disabilities, advocate says

Occupational exposure to chemicals may up lymphoma risk for men

Xenoestrogens in make-up and consumer products put women at risk of breast cancer, miscarriage, diabetes and more

Video: Study Shows Carcinogens in Chicago Fire Dept.’s Gear and On Chicago Firefighters Breath After Fires

Fringe science fuels ‘cancer cluster’ fear in La Quinta

Firefighters at higher risk of cancer diagnosis

Benzene and worker cancers: ‘An American tragedy’

Two-thirds of cancers a matter of bad luck? Not so fast

Scrap Tire Playgrounds Lighten Landfills, But Raise Cancer Fears

Benzene and worker cancers: ‘An American tragedy’

Toiletry chemicals linked to testicular cancer and male infertility cost EU millions, report says

Concern grows in firefighters, others after cancer-causing flame retardants found in test subjects

Triclosan: Soap ingredient can trigger liver cancer in mice, warn scientists

Gaza Desalinated Drinking water leading to cancer, Osteoporosis and other fatal illnesses

Decreased Survival of Glioma Patients with Astrocytoma Grade IV (Glioblastoma Multiforme) Associated with Long-Term Use of Mobile and Cordless Phones

Scientists at the Center for Integrative Research on Childhood Leukemia and the Environment study how exposure to contaminants in the womb and early in life might contribute to leukemia  in children.

Are mobile and cordless phones linked with brain cancer risk?

Dean of Brain Cancer Surgery Weighs In: Children Face the Highest Health Risk From Cell Phones

OCA & Cancer Prevention Coalition Warn of Hidden Carcinogens in Baby Care

Heavy mobile usage may cause cancer of salivary glands: Study

What The Cancer Industry Does Not Want You To Know About Chemotherapy and Radiation

6 Reasons Cancer Rates have Skyrocketed since Your Grandparent’s Generation

Zeroing In on a Risk Factor? PBDE Exposure and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Mesothelioma risk endures over long-term

Independent Tests Find “Alarming Amount” of Carcinogens in Malibu School

Brain Cancer Cases Shot Up In this Florida Town—Is a Defense Contractor to Blame?

Generator fumes linked to rising cases of cancer, sudden death

Soccer coach: Could artificial turf be causing cancer?

CDC: Higher cancer risk for kids living near busy roads

S.F. Fire Department joins study into breast cancer risks

Did Cancer Evolve to Protect Us?

JURUPA VALLEY: Cancerous chemical found in air

Chronic exposure to arsenic, estrogen, and their combination causes increased growth and transformation in human prostate epithelial cells potentially by hypermethylation-mediated silencing of MLH1

Study: Firefighters have higher rates of cancer

Diesel responsible for 6 percent of lung cancer deaths, study says.

Common solvent linked to liver cancer risk

BPA exposure linked to prostate cancer

High bladder cancer rate shrouds New York plant, exposing chemical hazards in the workplace

Natural static magnetic field-induced apoptosis in liver cancer cell

More Infants Developing Cancer Due To Effects of Estrogens and Arsenic In Soy-Based Formulas

Common solvent linked to liver cancer risk

Report Points to Cancer Risk From Chemicals Used to Treat Drinking Water

Epigenetics study discovers cancer risks double when two carcinogens present at ‘safe’ levels

Brain Cancer Risk Increases with the Amount of Wireless Phone Use: Study

LTE Cell Phone Radiation Affects Brain Activity in Cell Phone Users

Cell Phones and Cancer: Critics Say Kids Risk Brain Tumors

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