Student probes toxicity of fire-retardant materials in daycares

Predictors of indoor BTEX concentrations in Canadian residences

Toxics Across America

California bypasses feds, presses ahead on regulation of toxic chemicals

Comprehensive Environmental Assessment Applied to Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Flame-Retardant Coatings in Upholstery Textiles: A Case Study Presenting Priority Research Gaps for Future Risk Assessments (Final Report)

Chemicals linked to obesity in black children

More Toxins in Clothes Than Previously Believed

Chem Fatale

Do Your Jeans (And Other Fabrics) Contain Hazardous Chemicals?

Tracking Alternative Flame Retardants: Hand-to-Mouth Exposures in Adults

In Nevada, a Controversy in the Wind

 Hand-Me-Down Hazard: Flame Retardants in Discarded Foam Products

Flame Retardants & Car Seats: when parents do everything right and it is still wrong.

DuPont workers had been exposed to potentially lethal chemical for years, records show

Is Rubber Mulch a Safe Surface for Your Child’s Playground?

Danger on the toy shelf

Fire retardant chemicals found in small group of Californians

40 years after toxic mix-up, researchers continue to study Michiganders poisoned by PBB

More Fat, Less Bone? Flame Retardant May Deliver a One–Two Punch

Study links childhood toxic stress to lifelong health problems

Genetically diverse mouse model can predict human response to chemical exposures

How Safe Is the Artificial Turf Your Child Plays On?

The Top 10 Toxins that are Poisoning Our Kids

The Top 10 Toxins that are Poisoning Your Kids

Non-toxic pre-school backpacks

New formaldehyde report supports EPA’s assessment that chemical is ‘human carcinogen’

The Clorox Company Introduces Product Sustainability and Disclosure Initiatives

Henderson now ‘a lot smarter’ after era of toxic production

Walmart And Target Take Aim At Hazardous Ingredients

UNSAFE: The Truth Behind Everyday Chemicals

Shoppers move Target to address toxic chemicals

Calls to Ban Toxic Chemicals Fall on Deaf Ears Around the World

More Fat, Less Bone? Flame Retardant May Deliver a One–Two Punch

New study: Hidden dangerous chemicals in popular costumes, party supplies

Malibu divided over claims of toxic chemicals in public schools

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer Pushes Bill Banning Top Ten Toxic Flame Retardants

Clorox Increasing Product Transparency with Mobile App, Ingredient Calculator

Dial S for safety

1 in 3 US children attends school in chemical ‘danger zones’

Report Shows Schools Vulnerable to Toxic Exposure

Report: EPA asbestos experiment threatened public health

Fish still contaminated with phased-out Scotchgard chemical

A Rising Tide of Contaminants

Flame retardant in furniture poses danger, Duke study

Parents continue to push for caulk testing at Malibu schools

More than twice as much mercury in environment as thought

Report: Banned Toxic PCB Still Showing Up In Everyday Products

Phthalates are out of infants’ toys but a heavy dose is still in their food

Natural flame retardants discovered

How politics derailed EPA science on arsenic, endangering public health

Some manufacturers replacing PBDEs with unregulated chemicals

Man-made chemicals are hidden health hazards

Report Confirms Dangers of Toxic Drywall

Kids’ clothes contained chemicals

Doctor who testified for chemical-industry front group gives up his license

Hazardous flame retardants ubiquitous in preschools

Nike and Adidas told to stop playing dirty and tackle football kit chemicals

Scientists Uncover New Brominated Flame Retardant In Consumer Electronics

The Chemicals That Stick Around in the Body

Urine + chlorine may equal health risks at pools

Fluoride and Other Chemical Risks

Advocates Call Attention to Chemical Contamination of Minority Communities

Yellow pigments in clothing, paper contain long-banned PCB

Flame retardants in tents may rub off on hands

Poor Hispanics, blacks highly exposed to household chemical

Checkbook covers may soon be phthalate-free

Could your driveway be poisoning your kids?

Geologists discover naturally occurring asbestos fibers in Southern Nevada

Breast milk harbors environmental pollutants

Emory University Research Links Functional Thyroid Disease, PFOA Exposure

Toxic chemicals in children’s clothes, explained

Flame retardant linked to obesity in mice.

Good news/bad news: Some phthalates down, some up

Toxic chemical residues found in children’s clothes and shoes made by major brands including Disney, Gap and Primark

Early life exposure to diesel exhaust linked to heart failure in mice.

Fashion at a Very High Price

 EPA Not Entirely Confident Playground Turf Is Safe For Children

Toxic flame retardants may be on way out

Warning on chemicals in children’s furniture

Climate Change May Magnify Toxic Chemical Dangers

Chemicals could be making you gain weight

Risk By Association Scientists often start with an observed link between chemical exposure and a health risk, then design studies to confirm it

Getting Real About Chemical Risks

Old bathtubs found to pose lead exposure risks for children

POPs Committee Recommends Global Action On Two Chemicals; India Blocks Dicofol Ban

GreenSpace: Firms act on problem chemicals

From fertiliser to Zyklon B: 100 years of the scientific discovery that brought life and death

Gymnasts highly exposed to flame retardants

Glyphosate-Based Herbicides Produce Teratogenic Effects on Vertebrates by Impairing Retinoic Acid Signaling

Lysol’s “Healthing” Campaign Misleads Moms

Wal-Mart announces phase-out of hazardous chemicals

Molecular Competition: Flame Retardants Interact with Key Metabolism Enzyme

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in breast milk and neuropsychological development in infants

Flame Retardant Alternatives for HBCD Partnership – About this Project

OSHA and NIOSH issue hazard alert on 1-bromopropane, urge efforts to safeguard workers from exposure to toxic chemical

What’s in Urine? 3,000 Chemicals and Counting

Teratogenic Effects of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides: Divergence of Regulatory Decisions from Scientific Evidence

Opinion: ‘Chemical brain drain’ endangers generations of children

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