Marriott Hotels and Ecolabs


Marriott claims to be concerned about the environment, clean air initiatives yet, they use products that are far from friendly to indoor air quality.

“Marriott’s Environmentally Conscious Hospitality Operations program (ECHO) focuses on water and energy conservation, clean air initiatives, wildlife preservation, “reduce-reuse-recycle” waste management, and clean-up campaigns.”

“Use of environment-friendly building materials:
Wood is certified as coming from a renewable source; wood stains are water-based and do not release hazardous vapors; paints and wallpaper glue are eco-friendly, as well.”

If this is true, how do they explain their use of Ecolab cleaning and air fresheners that have toxic ingredients in them?

When asked for the MSDS sheets for the products they used, they refused to provide them, citing “no one has ever asked for them before”, then claimed that they did not have to provide them to anyone.

Marriott’s MSDS from Ecolab:

Descriptions of what those numbers mean.

Oasis Pro 60 Heavy Duty Alkaline Bathroom Cleaner (Surface Cleaner)

First Impression Juniper Splash Micro Aerosol (Air Freshener)

Endust (Aerosol Dusting Aid)

LemonLift (Liquid Chlorinated Alkaline Cleaner)

Lemon-eze (Cream Acidic Cleaner)

Oasis Pro 42 Glass Force Professional Strength Glass Cleaner (Liquid Solvenated Glass Cleaner)

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