Experts and doctors warn: Pregnant women and children should not be exposed to wireless radiation

Prenatal Protection: Maternal Diet May Modify Impact of PAHs

Baby Safe Project Pregnancy & wireless radiation)

Pregnant? Take the BabySafe Exposure Quiz: Know Your Wireless Exposure

Exposure to Pesticides When Pregnant Linked to 3 Generations of Disease

Scientists Link Autism To These Toxic Chemicals During Fetal Development

Perfluorinated chemicals studied in breast milk, menopausal women.

Focusing on the AhR: A Potential Mechanism for Immune Effects of Prenatal Exposures

BPA Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Lung Problems in Children

Toxic levels of a chemical in plastic medical devices could endanger preemies

Temporal Comparison of PBDEs, OH-PBDEs, PCBs, and OH-PCBs in the Serum of Second Trimester Pregnant Women Recruited from San Francisco General Hospital, California

Exposure to Toxic Environmental Agents (ACOG)

Chemicals in plastics and cosmetics tied to early births

Pregnant? Take the BabySafe Exposure Quiz: Know Your Wireless Exposure

Baby Safe Project Pregnancy & wireless radiation)

Asthma and a Common Household Chemical: New Research on Pre-Natal Exposure

NIH study links ultraviolet filters to pregnancy delays

Chemical from plastic found in high levels in infant diets

With Cadmium in Their Blood, Durham Women At Risk of Lower-Weight Babies

The Filthy Five of Toxic Chemicals and Fertility

New frontier in pregnancy oversharing

Animal Protein Exposure During Gestation May Lead to Overweight Adulthood

Plastic Chemicals During Pregnancy Linked to 70% Increased Asthma Risk

Catching Lyme disease in the womb?

Prenatal exposure to antidepressants could increase risk of ADHD

Disabilities in kids rise; not physical problems

Quats quagmire: Common disinfectants cause reproductive problems in mice, study says

A threat to male fertility

Researchers Investigate Link Between Phthalates And Infertility

Plastics chemical linked to changes in baby boys’ genitals

Children born by C-section ‘more likely to have autism’ –

Kids exposed in the womb to plasticizers more likely to have asthma

Born Too Soon-Can pollution lead to premature births?

Mysterious cluster of birth defects stumps doctors

Crib Mattresses Expose Infants To Elevated Levels Of Volatile Organic Compounds

New study: Babies near gas wells more likely to have birth defects

Children face asthma risk if moms exposed to legacy pollutants

Metals risk in baby milk: Popular formulas can contain 100 times more aluminium than breast milk

In Massachusetts, contaminated drinking water linked to stillbirths

Using a nicotine patch during pregnancy tied to higher ADHD risk

Men’s Phthalate Levels Linked to Pregnancy Trouble

Air pollution tied to high blood pressure in pregnancy

Study finds mother’s exposure to pollution during pregnancy can affect baby –

Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemicals Before, During, and After Pregnancy

Baby Non-Toxic Shopping Guide

Newborns of heavy mothers at risk for breathing problems

Study Sees Bigger Role for Placenta in Newborns’ Health

Germ-killing chemicals common in pregnant women, newborns

Talking to pregnant women about toxic chemicals

Consumer Reports: Pregnant women should ‘avoid all tuna’

Weight gain during pregnancy may protect babies from chemicals

Long-banned chemicals found in pregnant mothers’ blood

Vaccines Can Cause Infertility

Exposures to Pesticide in Utero Linked to Brain Abnormalities

Cell phone radiation impacts fetal brain development: Yale Researchers

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