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WHY IS NVE’S SMART METER GRANT ASSOCIATED WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE? THIS IS CONFIRMED BY 10 USC 2358, UNDER SECTION 9, AUTHORITY, HERE IS THE FEDERAL CODE EXPLANATION!  WHY IS THE US CODE FOR THIS GRANT INVOLVING EXPERIMENTATION? Since when is a smart/spark meter suppose to do ANYTHING but record energy use and report back on it? This association is being investigated by a film maker in Canada to see if this was only here, or something that involves every single person in the US to be an UNWILLING subject  in this issue?

Greg Abel, President of MidAmerica LIES about rate DECREASE in Iowa! In the May 30, 2013 LV Review Journal Article he stated that just recently they filed for a 10 million DECREASE, when in fact according to the Iowa PUC it was a 135.6 million INCREASE over 3 years. There is NO WAY that a President and CEO in under 2 weeks can’t remember he filed for such a massive increase. Upon reviewing EVERY filing since January 1, 2013, there was NO DOCKET referencing a DECREASE!





Stop being lied to and bullied by NV Energy (NVE), Sierra Power, PG&E and other utility companies. Utilities especially energy companies are trying to distract the public from the deceit, fraud, extortion they are trying to implement under the guise of ‘federally mandated’ smart meters.

Sierra Pacific Numbers:

Main Customer Service: (775) 834-4444

TTY (775) 834-3411

Main Corporate number (702) 402-5000

NV Energy Numbers:

Main Customer Service (702) 402-5080

Peter Easler, Director of Deployment office 402.6592 cell 290.0265 PEasler@NVEnergy.Com

Kristina Ballmann (Smart Meter Resolution) 702.402.6598 KBallmann@NVEnergy.Com

Gary Smith- Smart Technologies Director 775-834-5775 GSmith@NVEnergy.Com

Schad Koon- Director Customer Service 702-402-5757 SKoon@NVEnergy.Com

Tony Sanchez -VP of Government and Community relations 702-402-5680 TSanchez@NVEnergy.Com

Michael Yackira, President NV Energy 702-402.5610

A report just released by the Washington, DC-based National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy is showing that the smart meters and grid:  “Dr. Schoechle, who has been engaged in development of electric utility meters, home automation systems, gateways, and energy management systems for over 25 years, and who sits on several international standards setting committees related to the smart grid, calls the smart meter being rolled out across the U.S. “a canard—a story or hoax based on specious claims about energy benefits…” .  Full report can be read here.

Health Canada admits Safety Code 6 guideline for microwave radiation is based ONLY on thermal effects!

Jan Cohen, General Counsel for PUC REFUSES to address ratepayers concern for possible Conflict of Interest.

NV Congressman Steven Horsford endorsed smart meters while in NV Senate.

CCST Health Effects of Smart Meters Report: Comments from Scientists, MD’s,  & Public

City of Ojai First So Cal Government to Criminalize Meters

A woman health SURVIVED Nazis, Communists, Soldiers, Cossacks and only the smart meters are NOW DESTROYING her health! What should have been her GOLDEN YEARS is her BLOODY YEARS! Watch and listen how these meters cause her to hemorrhage without any medical reason!


15. Dangers of Everyday Technology

People with either a law or business degree are trying to play doctor with your health. They listened to paid products defense ‘experts and their favorite son utility NVE & SP. Health Experts Caution About Smart Meters – More than 50 scientists and medical professionals from 20 countries call for precaution regarding deployment of wireless “smart meters.

December 18, 2012: As of 9:18 a.m., the public still isn’t given access to the response. We have obtained a copy of NVE’s Response and also their Stip with the BCP. Almost 24 HOURS AFTER the PUC received the stip they decided to make it public! BUT EIGHTEEN MINUTES AFTER THE RESPONSE WAS FILED IT WAS WRITTEN UP IN THE RJ! 

RUMOR has it that PUC Staff is not going to agree to the Stip, we will keep monitoring the situation. They have until December 26th to file a response. Activism will be exponentially elevated if they don’t agree to the Stip!!

December 17, 2012: PUC withholding FILED public pleadings!  NVE filed a pleading regarding analog meters and the PUC WITHHELD posting the FILED DOCUMENT as of 10:12 pm PST. Even the local newspaper RJ at 3:36 pm posted the story on the filing. NV Energy files with PUC regarding opt out for smart meters By Jennifer Robison  LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL  Posted: Dec. 17, 2012 | 3:36 p.m. The PUC has NO EXCUSE to withhold this filing, as they do NOT notify those on the notification list. The very demographic they are suppose to protect are AGAIN left out in the dark. Apparently, the media is a higher priority than what they are PAID to DO!

December 11, 2012:  NV Bureau of Consumer Protection filed their Petition for Rehearing/Reconsideration.

December 10, 2012: How can ANY utility feign they are NOT subject to a cyber attack? “European renewable power grid rocked by cyber-attack.”

December 10, 2012: What your tax dollars are paying for.

December PUC Procedural Order #3 Motion for Stay has been GRANTED!

December 3, 2012 NV PUC files their Stay Response

November 30, 2012, NVE filed Response to BCP Motion, in a shocking revelation, they AGREED with the stay! One has to suspect that they are planning to try and sink the Petition for Reconsideration. Their ULTERIOR motive was disclosed with this statement ” NV Energy believes that a post-hearing motion asking the Commission to consider the use of an analog meter as the non-standard meter faces significant obstacles.” Which means they are going to keep LYING about the analogs like they have since December 6, 2011 to the PUC! Are they planning on ‘giving Christmas presents’ to the Commission as a hint they want MORE FAVORITISM?  Only time will tell. We are prepared for the next phase of the war against smart meters and will take no prisoners!

November 30, 2012, BCP filed an Motion for a Stay on the Order issued on November 27, 2012.

November 28, 2012, an email was sent publicizing flaws in the PUC’s website, where they were updating about the smart meters has now been ‘adjusted’.

[Note- if ANY video doesn’t open up, download it and then open with Windows Media Player].

November 27, 2012 PUC Commissioners initial discussion of the bill draft on video.

November 27, 2012 PUC Commissioners final discussion of the bill draft on video.

November 27, 2012 Barry Gold of NV AARP on low income customers not being able to participate in the opt out proposal, video.

November 27, 2012, NV PUC discussed and ACTUALLY posted their final order on the same day. The NV PUC tried to protect their positions with codicils prior to discussing the proposed draft order. In a further attempt for ‘coverage’ of their cushy positions, they ‘discussed’ allowing a Request for Reconsideration to be entertained, regarding analogs.

Knowing the false ‘promises’ that this Commission is known for, the ‘illusion’ of the reversal/adjustment to this final order is a purely and overt feeble attempt at ratepayer PACIFICATION!

We STAND by our CALL FOR NONFEASANCE and or MALFEASANCE. Your obvious attempt to dangle the carrot is not being acknowledged!

CPUC Considers a Community Out-Out Option and the Americans with Disabilities Act’s Impact on Smart Meter Deployment

The case against smart meters

Black hat hacker can remotely attack insulin pumps and kill people

Electro physiologist explains how electromagnetic radiation disrupts learning. How it disrupts action potentials.

NV Energy sent armed guards to customer’s home who tried to protect her health, by replacing the smart meter that made her violently ill. Her story has even made it to Alex Jones Info Wars website.


Medical Doctors Warn About The Risk Of Wi-Fi In Schools

Smart Meters: The Winter Solstice Tsunami of 2012

Smart electricity meters can be used to spy on private homes

Why are people still in denial about radiation?

Defibrillators In High Schools??

About EMR & EMFs

Wind farm noise does harm sleep and health, say scientists

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, meanwhile, said that cyber incidents affecting control systems of companies in the electricity sector have increased from three in 2009 to 25 in 2011, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported.

Since NVE keeps feigning that the meters are no more PROBLEMATIC/DANGEROUS than a cell phone…..

Cell phones companies association about their cell phones: “Let me be very clear. The Industry has NOT said once, ONCE, that cell phones are safe.”  Mr. Dane Snowden, Vice President and representative of the CTIA at a safety legislation hearing in California.

Mobile phones ‘may trigger Alzheimer’s

How does Cell phones damage our brain but more to our children!

NV PUC: Duped or Dumb Over the Safety of Sensus Smart Meters?

NVE and NV PUC conning the public over non-transmitting meters-customers to be exposed!

Smart Meter or NO Power at All? Nevada Energy Sends Three Armed Men to Disconnect Power- Just for ‘Opting Out’

Sensus Sued by Hand Picked Upper Manager Over Safety Issues-Complaint

Exponent_Report to NV PUC

February 19, 2012 Letter to NV PUC they don’t want to public to learn about (Exponent/Sensus)

 UNR Non-lethal weapons the use radiofrequency/microwave energy for stunning/immobilization

Is NV Energy Misappropriating One Million Dollars in Federal Funding For Consumer Confidence?


Is NV Energy Misappropriating One Million Dollars in Federal Funding For Consumer Confidence?

NV Energy Admits Lying To Customers and Overt Discrimination Against Low Income and Disabled Residents.

A Survival Guide

NV Energy’s “fair and just” raping of ratepayers, under the guise of their inflated and erroneous so called “expenses”.

Seeing Through Walls With a Wireless Router

Stop Smart Meters! Sacramento Challenges SMUG SMUD

PECO To Resume Smart Meter Installation Program

Peco swaps meter makers, moves ahead with installations

Sensus defends 186,000 ‘smart meters’ being yanked by Pa. utility

More Utilities Dragged Into Smart Meter Firestorm

Virtual Terrorism: Al Qaeda Video Calls for ‘Electronic Jihad’

Hacking the Grid – The ‘Smart Meter’ Syndrome

Earth Day: A day without wireless

Black hat hacker can remotely attack insulin pumps and kill people

Cell Phone Report Calls for More Responsible Management to Protect Children and Pregnant Women

Take back your power (film)

Forced to Disconnect- pdf book

Electromagnetic and Radiofrequency Fields Effect on Human Health

FBI Warns Smart Meter Hacking May Cost Utility Companies $400 Million A Year

Senator Al Franken: Privacy is a Fundamental Right

FBI: Smart Meter Hacks Likely to Spread

Hacking Expert David Chalk Joins Urgent Call to Halt Smart Grid

Does NV Energy & the NV Public Utilities Commissioners have an agenda against the developing fetus?

Is the NV PUC’s Commissioner David Noble, a Corporate Shill?

Does NV Energy & the NV Public Utilities Commissioners have an agenda against the developing fetus?

Did NV Energy Notify Investors That Their Smart Meters Were Never Tested for Human Safety?

NV Energy: Science Versus Hyperbole on Smart Meters.

NV Energy: Elihu D Richter MD, MPH, on Smart Meters.

NV Energy LIED about smart meters not being able to ‘spy/monitor’ the consumer!  CIA Head: We Will Spy On Americans Through Electrical Appliances


NV PUC recommendation regarding opting out. Hearing Master Wenzel has PROVEN WITHOUT A DOUBT that her ENTIRE hearing was nothing short of a DELPHI TECHNIQUE!

MUST READ:  Exponent Experts hired by Industry to Skew Science from David Michael’s book “Doubt is Their Product”  Chapter 5.

Environmental Scientist Dr. Devra Davis Talks Smart Cellphone Usage.mp4

Is Nancy Wenzel, Esq.: Nevada’s Public Utility Commission’s, Delphi Technique Master?

Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval, a Study in Constitutional Contradictions?

View the complete open letter to Governor Sandoval.

Urgent Call to Save Citizen Privacy Rights on Smart Meter Program, From Clark County Republicans!

PUCN doubts smart meters will decrease rates

NV PUC’s Assessment of NV Energy’s “Technical Compliance”

NV Energy’s experts from Exponent exposed by OHSA Executive (Doubt is their Product).

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Evidence for a Novel Neurological Syndrome (proof that EMF Sensitivity is real)

NV Energy Stop Smart Meters was founded in April of 2011 by Angel De Fazio and Karen Smith, to create awareness and education on the health risks, constitutional violations, fraud and misinformation that Nevada’s power monopoly was promulgating, regarding smart meters.

NVE Axis of Evil.

They all are lying about safety, as they have NEVER tested these meters on every demographic that will be exposed to them.

NVE ADMITS that their smart meters are in fact Surveillance devices! This is the NO INSTALL letter they sent out to customers granting them exclusion from installation over privacy issues!

NVE’s Director of Smart Meters Gary Smith feigns that the anti-smart meter advocates, are using misinformation.  They created a “Myths” paper, which has only their rantings, nothing quantified. Here are their “myths” discredited with their own information they submitted to the NV Public Utilities Commission

The articles here referencing NVE and Sierra Power have the same impact with other utilities.

Nevada DESPERATE for new businesses, is with malice and forethought creating barriers under the guise of smart meters. Other states have more intelligent public utility officials, who see that this is a poorly conceived plan, fiscally devastating to residents and claims of benefits are overshadowed by its cost to implement. Nor are they ethically challenged to appease their ‘string holders’, like in Nevada.

Exponent Experts so called “Testimony”

NV Energy Attempts to Turn Nevada from the Silver State into the Extortion State.

NVE Pathetic PUC Compliance Deemed “Technically in Compliance”

Audit Report on “The Department’s Management of the Smart Grid Investment Grant Program”

NV Energy Claims Smart Meters are Safe! Why did University of Nevada @ Reno develop NON LETHAL WEAPONS with the same electro-magnetic frequency/radio frequency emissions NVE is exposing us to?

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